Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

January's New Products!

Bracelet by Arkara Indonesia <--Click

Batik Teapot Bamboo Hoop Wall Decor by Soma Indonesia <--Click

Peacock with Tulle Wall Decor by Soma Indonesia <--Click

Silhouette Bamboo Hoops Wall Decor by Soma Indonesia <--Click

Pencil Case by Raisy Tasthy <--Click

Yoyo Doll by imute uthai <--Click

Talking Pencil Case by Cotton Industries <--Click

Accessories by NYALA <--Click

Bag charms by Estheticfilia <--Click

Premium Key Wallet by Estheticfilia <--Click

Multifunction Pouch by Estheticfilia <--Click

Frame Purse by Cisty Crafty <--Click

Pouch by Cisty Crafty <--Click

Obidome or Brooch by Irumi March <--Click

Doodle Art by Dinar Safitri <--Click

Doodle Art by Dinar Safitri <--Click

Fabric Multifunction Storage by Kawakib Craft <--Click

Salam Kreatif!
ramu ramo rame

From Bandung for the Craft World

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